March 04, 2014

HybridCheckout – what is it about?

Everyone is familiar with the traditional retail checkout concept. A customer chooses either a self-service checkout or has staff ring through their grocery items. Those methods can involve long line ups and can be very time consuming for customers and staff. The people at PeoplePos Ltd. have developed a unique product that provides advantages to the cashiers, the customers and hence the store.

HybridCheckout is a traditional cashier checkout and so much more as the customers have the ability to scan items in parallel with the cashier, thus reducing wait times and improving the overall efficiency of the shopping process. The customer has the ability to be involved in the checkout process by scanning their own items if desired and the cashier will be able to assist the customer with any tasks or answer any questions if needed.  Any scanning mistakes or issues may be resolved immediately by the cashier, who is present at all times. Also, unlike old-fashion assisted self-service checkouts there is no need to wait for assistants to be called upon for approvals, help and any other self-service issues experienced. The HybridCheckout eliminates those issues completely.

For cashiers in a HybridCheckout they will spend less time lifting and scanning items and in turn can focus more on the customers, collecting the coupons, verifying payments and ensuring the smooth operation of the checkout process itself.

Another great feature of the HybridCheckout is if a customer chooses not to participate in scanning their items with the cashier, then they have the option to be fully serviced by the cashier as in any other conventional checkout. Alternatively, customers that prefer to scan their own items in conjunction with the cashier can scan all or the majority of their items and pay resulting in minimal interaction with the cashier.

The parallelism concept with HybridCheckout is an open invitation to informal conversations between the cashier and the customer making the experience more enjoyable and building relationships with the customers. There is a lot of competition out there and many consumers have a variety of choices as to where they can shop. Providing an enjoyable customer experience will create positive results and in turn retain customers to the store.

In articles to follow this introduction, we will focus on customer’s usage scenarios, the HybridCheckout process, the technology involved and other aspects of HybridCheckout. Please opt to “follow” us to get noticed when further articles are added .

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