June 16, 2014

HybridCheckout Stations: Space Savings and More Flexible Operations

A few days ago, a customer, who heard the first HybridCheckout presentation said something really insightful. He realized that installing HybridCheckout stations could save up to 40 percent of floor space compared to conventional checkout counters. He said; “OK, I can replace five standard counters with three HybridCheckout units and get six checkout lanes and more throughput!”

He was absolutely right. Each of the three HybridCheckout stations has a manned lane that enables very efficient checkout. But, each of these stations also has a self-checkout lane. These are also effective and very easy for the customer to use.

This customer is evaluating a store format that would enable him to replace two or three standard checkout counters with one or two HybridCheckout stations. The extra (self-service) lanes would make it possible to process the same throughput and use the saved space for in-store postal services—without performing a major store rebuild. In addition, the cashiers could supervise customer self-checkout, assist other customers with postal services or complete sales as a cashier from the same location and in a very flexible way.

Retailers with in-town locations typically use another store format, where floor space is very limited. In this situation, retailers can save about 13 square meters (140 square feet) per store. This space savings provides a substantial increase in space for shelves or a specialty product section. Retailers can increase sales by 8 to 12 percent and make small-format stores more competitive.  Replacing two standard checkout counters with one HybridCheckout station can give smaller stores a competitive edge over nearby kiosks and other small stores from the increased selection of items and increased checkout speed and checkout service options.

Our white paper, “Current Retail Checkout Technology, Part III: Comparing Checkout Station Costs and Performance” explains why retailers can save 40 percent of floor space compared with standard checkout counters. The paper also shows that HybridCheckout stations may process up to 12 items square foot per hour, compared to 5 items of conventional self-service stations.

Link: http://www.hybridcheckout.com/Article/Evaluate/White-Papers

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