March 03, 2016

ALS UK has entered an agreement to become the HybridCheckout United Kingdom partner

ALS UK has been established as a HybridCheckout partner.

ALS UK (ALS) has acquired all rights to manufacturing, licensing to further partners/resellers and sales for the markets of England, Scotland and Ireland through a all-rights transfer agreement entered by PeoplePos Ltd UK and ALS.

ALS are a leading independent fit out, refurbishment and installation service, managing and delivering projects and rollouts across a variety of sectors.

We offer our partners and clients the flexibility and choice to use any or all of the services that ALS can offer. These services include Construction, Fit Out, IT & Data, Mechanical & Electrical and Facilities Management.

ALS UK website:

HybridCheckout Trio

New HybridCheckout Trio checkout counter
The new HybridCheckout Trio checkout counter further expands the unique advantages and superior checkout speed achieved from the HybridCheckout concept and current HybridCheckout Duo series of checkout counter systems.

While the HybridCheckout Duo series allows for an increased checkout speed/volume of 62-82%, the new HybridCheckout Trio series is expected to increase the checkout speed/volume per cashier with an amazing 120-150% (compared with a conventional checkout), allowing for improved customer support and a very substantial checkout area cost reduction.

HybridCheckout Trio
In short a HybridCheckout Trio counter is a combination of two conventional cashier operated counters placed back-to-back with two simplified self-checkout stations that allows two customers to self-scan at the same time. The cashier and the two customers are simultaneously scanning and registering items into two separate sales.

The HybridCheckout Trio counter differs from a traditional dual counter configuration as it has only a single cashier handling two checkout lines at the same time. The cashier has a scale and a scanner that allows for the quick registration of special articles automatically into each of the two ongoing sales. Even if only one side of the HybridCheckout Trio is kept open, the efficiency is improved compared to conventional checkouts through the shared registration process.

Patent pending technology ensures the actual and correct self-scanning by the customers and also the cashier may scan/weigh articles and amend these into the correct customer sale automatically.

Busting checkout area cost
For stores handling customers with a typical shopping basket or trolley with more than a few items in average, a single cashier HybridCheckout Trio may replace 2-3 standard single cashier checkout counters or 1-2 dual cashier back-to-back checkouts or 8-12 self-service stations allowing more than 2500 articles per hour (incl. payments) to be processed hassle-free in a single checkout!

Customer satisfaction
HybridCheckout is preferred by the customers due to the impressive speed and because the cashier is still present to acknowledge the customer feedback. In addition the customers are made masters of self-service through the very easy to use HybridCheckout shared registration concept. Due to the unique checkout process HybridCheckout Trio is a formidable queue buster that the shoppers will appreciate and re-visit with pleasure.

As the patent pending HybridCheckout Trio ensures the presence of the cashier, the risk of self-scan problems as found in self-service checkouts is eliminated, while HybridCheckout Trio still allows the customers to process barcoded items through self-scanning.

Risk and customer retention
The technology and business risk involved with HybridCheckout is moderate compared with for example Self-Service checkout systems. This is because HybridCheckout eliminates or greatly alleviates self-service checkout issues like theft, handling of restricted items, scanning problems, and dealing with coupons, assistant availability shortages and such in the checkout area. This is possible because the cashier is always present in a HybridCheckout. In a HybridCheckout the cashier presence allows the all-important customer experience to be perceived and feedback to be acknowledged.

Human relationships are maintained or may even be improved from the co-operative registration process performed in a HybridCheckout, thereby increasing the important customer loyalty.
Successful retailers understand that their business is about people and loyalty. HybridCheckout is about focusing on people and an efficient process.